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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Christianity & Finding Quiet Time

In the past few months, my relationship with the Lord has taken a turn.

A turn for the better.

Before, you could say, I was a "Sunday Morning" Christian. I went to Church and sometimes opened my Bible to read throughout the week because I thought it was what you were supposed to do.

Now, I'm constantly striving for time to read more of His word and grow in Godly wisdom. I yearn for it.

I accredit our new preacher for a lot of this growing in my faith. He's a great teacher and encouraged me to start reading the Bible in a year. My urge to delve further into the Word just snowballed from there. I needed to know more, I wanted to pray more, I wanted to quit some of my bad habits, overall I wanted to be more Godly.
Currently, I'm a little over 3 months away from having the Bible read cover to cover.
I started a Joyce Meyers Daily Devotional a month ago.
And yesterday I started my first She Reads Truth study.
I'm so excited to learn and to grow - beyond words excited.

But I have a slight predicament. I'm having a hard time finding my quiet/peaceful time. 

I'm not a morning person by any means. I couldn't find a quiet time at work to lock my windowed office (people always know I'm in there and they would interrupt me) to save my soul. I work out or run immediately after work. Sometimes I go see Nate after work. When I get home I get distracted (either by my own doing or someone else's doing).
What does this mean? My quiet times are limited to the early wee hours of the morning when I more closely resemble a bear...or late at night (honestly, it's like 9 - I'm an old lady) and I'm so tired I drift in and out of consciousness and don't comprehend what I'm reading (and to me, why even try if I'm not getting anything out of my study?).
Yesterday, I was lucky. I've been on a running break due to a foot injury so I went home after work and immediately got my Bible, iPad, and notebook and sat on the front porch swing and had a good hour of study. It was glorious.
So, what do I do in terms of finding my quiet time? I'm really considering waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual, making myself a cup of coffee, and delving into the Word before going to work. It seems that will be the only way I get my time in til' Nate and I get married. After we get married I can go to my office and do my study in peace - without interruptions and a TV going in the background.

How did you find your quiet time? Is it during the morning, afternoon, evening? I'd love to know!