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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's Wedding Week!

Guess what? I get married in 4 days. Four Days. Less than a week. This Saturday.

I can't believe in 4 mere days my status in life changes. I'll no longer be "the girlfriend" or "the fiance", I become "the wife." What excitement and terror that term brings me. God give me patience, as I know that I'll need lots of it during our lifetime together. I'm an extremely selfish person, so that trait of mine has got to hit the road. Selfishness in a marriage is a recipe for disaster!

But before I got into a lengthy post on what I think it takes to be a wife, I'm going to talk about the wedding!

Everything is pretty much finished. Nothing major, thank pretty much a few loose ends need to be completed. But does that mean I'm not stressing?! Ha! Think again. The fact that my face looks like a teenage boy's (and I never break out, ever) is a clear indication that I'm not in my normal "sorts." Let's hope I can get in a few workouts to ease this anxiety and that I get sleep and some relaxation. I need it. Desperately.

But I'm also going to soak up every minute of this week. Every part of putting together this day that I've worked diligently on for a year. Every moment with my parents. Every moment with my family. Every moment with Nathan before we're married. Just soaking up each and every moment...because as of Saturday my life changes.

And y'all, blog friends are the best friends. To my dearest Jordan and Katie, thank you so much for sweet wedding week wishes! You two made my day yesterday!


Julie said...

You are the 2nd blogger I know getting married this weekend. Best wishes for a great day :)

Rebekah said...

Yay for wedding week!! Enjoy these last few days. It goes by so fast and then you'll be a MRS! :)

Jordan said...

AHH!!! I can't believe it's FINALLY (almost) here! I am so unbelievably happy for you my dear friend! I'll patiently be waiting for pictures! :)

Lindsey Let the Light Shine Blog said...

I am SO excited for you!! Happy wedding week - enjoy EVERY moment!!

Amber said...

And today is wedding eve!!! :) So excited for you friend. Praying for you. I know you'll make a stunning bride!