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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette Trip Weekend!

I'm not the girl who wanted to go out and get crazy for my Bachelorette party. Tis not my thing. I don't get drunk and I certainly don't act a fool, call me a prude if you will. So when it came time to prepare for my Bachelorette rendezvous I wanted a trip of some sort and relaxation, and that is certainly what I got!

Back in April or May my little cousin (MOH) and I decided that we'd go to Pigeon Forge for a weekend (because we love the place and it's like our home away from home). We wanted to lay by the pool, shop, and watch lots of movies...and we successfully did all three!

{Day 1}
 Leaving Cookeville later than I expected (I had errands to run!) and unexpected traffic right out of Knoxville (shoot me dead...I have no idea how Nathan does this for a living!).

 And being the lovely girl she is, Holly got me a gift! A jewelry box with my new monogram! It is seriously too cute for words and I put all my pandora style bracelets in it. I love it! Also, excuse my horrible picture, I was tired and florescent lights do nothing for your complexion :).

{Day 2}
 We attempted to go to the nicer pool at the condo, but HA, everyone else had that idea too! Too many kids and not a lounge chair in sight (we also got bombarded with grass from a fella mowing grass...I mean, really?!) so we booked it over to the older pool where there were plenty of lounge chairs and less people! Afterward we got all prettied up and made the trek to Gatlinburg before the crowds moved in for the weekend to eat at Bubba Gump's...and I may or may not have bought myself a new Vera Bradley bag :).

{Day 3}
I'm a grandma and wake up early not matter how late I went to bed, so I let her sleep and went out on the balcony to read. I spent a good hour at there and it was so peaceful, I needed that hour of uninterrupted reading time! We decided to forgo the pool since it was overcast and instead went shopping. After a creepy guy (that was also drinking a beer on the job...) that hit on Holly at an antique store informed me my Fiesta dishes were being discontinued in September, we high-tailed it to Belk to snatch up the rest they had (FYI - we looked like fools). We also sat in traffic for forever because it was tax-free weekend...but hey, it's Pigeon Forge, what do you expect?

Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. We weren't in a rush going anywhere, we watched movies every night, and I got a lot of stuff for the house. Perfection!

Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm About to Start Hyperventilating

Y'all, I'm about to go in major wedding freak out mode. Major.

You see, I gave myself a wedding to-do list deadline...for a month before the wedding. August 28th. A day that is two and a half weeks away and my to-do list is almost a sheet of paper long. I've tried so hard since the day we picked our date to not get freaked out and to get things done ahead of my heart beats out of my chest thinking of all the items I need to complete.

Some big things I need to complete are:
Finish the quilt that I've been working on forever (and really is just a minor detail).
Pick out reception music.
Finish cutting out fabric/tags for our wedding favors. 
I need to put additional stamps on our invitations since I'm high maintenance and had to have them all cute.
Mail out said invitations (like this week).
Order lighting for the reception tent.
Buy my wedding rings. 
Pre-marital counseling.
Figuring out what I want said/ceremonies for the actual ceremony. 

I know this doesn't look huge, but to me, I'm sorta freaking out. My expectations for myself are too high and I need to But, I won't let it you'll see me acting like a crazy fool and trying not to puke in a bag until August 28th (because dangit, I want to RELAX!).

On a better wedding shower was this past Saturday and I couldn't have felt more loved. Here's a little sneak peak...full post to come, sometime!

 {me and lovely cousin/MOH)