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Monday, July 29, 2013

Things That Happened During my Bridal Portraits

Three weeks ago our wonderful wedding photographers (seriously, pay the money and get a GREAT photographers, it makes all the difference!) shot my Bridal portraits...and if you're wondering what Bridal Portraits are, it's pretty much a Southern Bride thing where we get all dressed up like we will on our Wedding Day and get portraits taken. Then a big print is displayed at the wedding reception. I've dreamed of my Bridal Portraits probably just as long as I've dreamed about my wedding. I'm a little vain if you can't tell.

Anyways, quite a few odd things happened during my portrait session.

1. We got shot at with either a pellet gun or a BB gun. I kid you not. What runs through someone's mind when they literally shoot at bride in her dress? Craziness. One of the photographer's and my mama about broke red, so we hurried and got the pictures we needed and left. 

2. You can, in fact, get hit on while in your wedding dress. I got honked at, revved at, and "hey girled" at. I'm sorry, men, if you see a woman in a big white dress, just dismiss the urge to hit on her. She'll look at you like your stupid.

3. July 9th, is indeed too hot to be outside in a huge dress. I have never sweated so much in my life. All you June/July/August brides who had outdoor weddings, how in the world did y'all stand it?

4. Me and my mama picked bugs out of my dress for days. The best pictures are taken in sketchy areas...and bug filled ones. When I sat down in the car after the pictures it was like a bug bomb had exploded.

And even though it was hot and bug filled, I couldn't have had more fun. Our photographers are great at making the whole session easy, comfortable, and they're both so personable. Now I'm excited to see the proofs!


Rebekah said...

How rude of whoever shot at you! That's so random and not what you would expect during your bridals! I got married in July and we LUCKED OUT with a gorgeous day that wasn't melting us when the weekend before was 111 degrees. You're getting closer!

Jordan said...

This post made me laugh!! I can't WAIT to see them! The only way I would get married outside is if it's no hotter than 65* ... Jordan + heat do NOT go together! ;)

Amber said...

How scary that someone shot at you. So random, and weird!!! Also, some guys are so dumb. Like you said, a big white dress means you're TAKEN!

Lana said...

I got so tickled at the random things that happened to you during your bridal portraits! Well, except for the getting shot part! OMG! That's crazy!

Katie said...

Yes, I'm a little late to the party, but this is hilarious. I actually didn't do bridal portraits-- I did a boudoir shoot instead. But yours sounds like quite an adventure! And seriously-- why do people get married in the scorching heat?? That dress was sweat-inducing in November! Lol