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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Christianity & Finding Quiet Time

In the past few months, my relationship with the Lord has taken a turn.

A turn for the better.

Before, you could say, I was a "Sunday Morning" Christian. I went to Church and sometimes opened my Bible to read throughout the week because I thought it was what you were supposed to do.

Now, I'm constantly striving for time to read more of His word and grow in Godly wisdom. I yearn for it.

I accredit our new preacher for a lot of this growing in my faith. He's a great teacher and encouraged me to start reading the Bible in a year. My urge to delve further into the Word just snowballed from there. I needed to know more, I wanted to pray more, I wanted to quit some of my bad habits, overall I wanted to be more Godly.
Currently, I'm a little over 3 months away from having the Bible read cover to cover.
I started a Joyce Meyers Daily Devotional a month ago.
And yesterday I started my first She Reads Truth study.
I'm so excited to learn and to grow - beyond words excited.

But I have a slight predicament. I'm having a hard time finding my quiet/peaceful time. 

I'm not a morning person by any means. I couldn't find a quiet time at work to lock my windowed office (people always know I'm in there and they would interrupt me) to save my soul. I work out or run immediately after work. Sometimes I go see Nate after work. When I get home I get distracted (either by my own doing or someone else's doing).
What does this mean? My quiet times are limited to the early wee hours of the morning when I more closely resemble a bear...or late at night (honestly, it's like 9 - I'm an old lady) and I'm so tired I drift in and out of consciousness and don't comprehend what I'm reading (and to me, why even try if I'm not getting anything out of my study?).
Yesterday, I was lucky. I've been on a running break due to a foot injury so I went home after work and immediately got my Bible, iPad, and notebook and sat on the front porch swing and had a good hour of study. It was glorious.
So, what do I do in terms of finding my quiet time? I'm really considering waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual, making myself a cup of coffee, and delving into the Word before going to work. It seems that will be the only way I get my time in til' Nate and I get married. After we get married I can go to my office and do my study in peace - without interruptions and a TV going in the background.

How did you find your quiet time? Is it during the morning, afternoon, evening? I'd love to know!


PostgradPrep said...

I like you have trouble finding time in my schedule for a daily quiet time and it is something I have been thinking and praying over for a bit. I am thinking morning would be best, to start my day in the Word since every morning on my drive to work I listen to Klove and it really starts my day off right. I just have to shift from checking my email right away to opening my Bible first in the morning.

Julie said...

One day I will get my quiet time back. But with both works, my husband needing stuff and other commuitments I just don't get it yet. However I did finish a book this morning so that's a great accomplishment already today :)

Amy said...

Girl, I love this post so much because I feel like I could have written it! When I did the Bible in a year reading last year, it completely changed my heart as well! Often, my best times for Bible reading are immediately after I wake up, or right before I go to bed. I know some people prefer to be in a more "awake" mindset, but it seems to work just fine for me to read my Bible in bed. I've really grown to love those times, they're my favorite parts of the day :)

So happy you are feeling more and more excited about His word!! I pray that He only continue to teach you more and more as you read!

Katie said...

I'm so excited for you and how you're so excited about being in the Word. Honestly, I've been sliding on this a lot recently. I used to read my Bible in bed at nights, but it's hard when there is someone else there now who is distracting. Ideally, I'd do my quiet time in the morning, but I haven't allowed much time to do that recently. :/ But my suggestion would definitely be to try to do it in the morning since there are just so many things going on at night unless you can go somewhere and be alone at night. Pray about it, and God will show you what will work! :)

Meghan said...

I think getting up early for your quiet time sounds amazing. I know a few people who do it and they love it!

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