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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let's Talk About Moving Out of My Parent's House

Let me preface this by saying that I'm incredibly thrilled and anxious to marry Nathan and start our lives together. In fact, I can't wait to come back from our Honeymoon and bask in the joy that I don't have to leave him, ever. 

But, there is one thing I am absolutely to my core dreading - moving out of my parent's house.

I'm the girl who never liked to spend the night at friend's homes because I liked being home and being comfortable in my surroundings. I never went away to College because I knew I'd be homesick and after a semester I'd move back home. I drove an hour each way to school for 4 years. Do I regret it? No. I knew what was best for me.

I'm not afraid to say that I'm inching upward to that 25 year old mark and I still live in daddy and mama's house. I've never envisioned myself living out on my own (okay, well I was just never in the cards for me). Somewhere deep down, I knew I'd live with my parent's til I got married.

But now that I'm getting married in a mere six months I get more and more emotional about moving out. I know how emotional I'll be when I start moving my furniture much so that I've decided to only move the essentials to Nathan's before we get married. All the big stuff will just have to wait til after we get married because I won't be able to handle it. I will be one crying mess.

But I'll cross that hurdle when I get to it and hopefully it won't be as horrible as I imagine it, because I can say will full certainty that I'm more excited about getting married than I'm dreading moving out of the house I've lived in for 20 years....and that's the facts, Jack.


Sarah said...

I was the exact same way! And Brice lived 30 minutes from me, so I was so excited to not have to drive home every night after we got married. It was a little hard having to move all my stuff, cause we moved it before I got married, so my room was empty for 2 weeks beforehand. I even slept on an airmattress during that time so we could go ahead and move my bed! I'm sure you'll adjust just fine! :)

Julie said...

I would have to say that your feelings are pretty common. It sounds like though, in your situation, your family wasn't making you invalid and not allowing you to do all that, unlike my in-laws. My younger sister in law is going to be 28 this year, has a full time job, never dated, has never gone out with friends, etc because of the way my MIL has raised her. Its a very sad story if I were to tell you the entire thing but just know that your feelings are just right. When I moved out of my parents I tried hard to stay one more night there but my stepmom vetoed it. I'm soo glad though that you have such an amazing family!

Jordan said...

I would be the exact same way!

Charlotte said...

I'm in denial about moving out of my parents house! My room is always going to be my room!!! I know I'll leave a ton of stuff here (as I am currently laying in bed) and will pick it up as time goes on! I feel ya!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

There's nothing wrong with living with your parents, girl!

Shelby Kelly said...

Did you go to Tennessee Tech?!