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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Colors & Theme

As women, we tend to have our whole wedding planned out by the age of 10. That was definitely the case for me. I've always known I wanted to have a semi-big wedding surrounded by family with lots of attention to details, and not some plain jane wedding (which is fine, if that's what you want...but that's just not me).

I thought I had it all planned out...then Nathan proposed, and my whole theme and direction changed. 

I've always wanted a Fall wedding, first off - the fabulous weather and scenery, secondly - my allergies are way to crazy to get married outside in the Spring. So since we were having a fall wedding, I thought it would be good to have Fall-ish colors, somewhere around the ranges of browns and burnt oranges. But deep down I just wasn't loving just wasn't me. So what's a girl to do when she needs wedding color help? Pinterest of course! 

So after spending a few weeks on Pinterest browsing colors, I decided on our colors...

...oh lord, I'm obsessed with our colors and they are so ME. I mean, I'm the girl who had hot pink bedroom walls in high school. Anything bright and bold is just me. I just can't get enough of pink and orange now!

Now as for theme...after browsing several magazines, I realized what I was wanting just wasn't in them. Them my mama brought home this magazine and it was seriously music to my ears.
It is full of my theme...which is pretty much Southern Chic...think lots of Mason Jars, antique glasses, and lots of DIY details. 

I would love to share more of my ideas, but I really want to keep it under wraps since I know a few people that are invited to the wedding reading the blog. I want everything to be a surprise since I'm putting so much work into the details of our big day.

Now, I know what you're thinking...where is Nathan fitting in to all this? To put it honestly, he doesn't care what our day looks long as I'm happy. He'd rather just go to the courthouse and be done with it all. He's just having the wedding to fulfill my fantasy :). He's a keeper!


Julie said...

I had the exact same thoughts...until I actually got engaged also. I use to think I'd have it at a hotel, we'd stay at that hotel that night, go on a long honeymoon right away, move into a house once back from said honeymoon. None of that happened but then again I wouldn't have it any other way looking back!

Leslie said...

I love your colors!! and the description Southern chic sounds so lovely. I cannot wait to see everything come together, it's going to be beautiful!!
and aren't you thankful you have pinterest to help you out? How did people ever put together weddings before it existed? ;)

Mandell said...

Great color choices!! I got married in October and did basically a colorless wedding with touches of orange (pumpkins! obsessed with them!) I just posted a few wedding pics and they go right along with your "southern chic" style! And isn't it fantastic having a fiance that "doesn't care"?!

Blue Dog Belle said...

great color choices! It will definitely be a vibrant wedding! Love it!

Charlotte said...

It is going to be BEAUTIFUL! I love those colors... pink is one of mine! :-) And I love the Southern chic theme! Mine was sort of like that but its turned more formal. Hooray for planning!

Jordan said...

You can share pics with me! ;)

Lana said...

Love pink and orange together!!