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Monday, February 25, 2013

Making a Marriage Work

Last week in our town paper they had a special edition dedicated to the couples in our county who have celebrated 50 years or more of marriage. My grandparent's were included, and when I read their little section, I cried. I can't really explain why, I guess it was just sheer adoration for them both. Words cannot express how much of an example they both are to me.

After I read their section, of course I read the other couple's honored, and each couple some way or another mentioned this in their articles.

Divorce was never an option. 

I think as a nation we're amazed when a couple reaches the 50 year married milestone. But why?? Shouldn't being married for an extensive amount of time be the norm? I think, yes, but sadly that's not the case. And let me just preface by saying that I'm not judging anyone who has gotten divorced. Sometime there are circumstances where it's the only option - for instance, cheating. I, personally, would have a hard time staying with my spouse if they had cheated on me. Like I said...sometimes divorce is the only option, and I understand that.

But let me also say, I think sometimes couples give up too easily when it comes to their marriage. Once the waters get rocky, people want out as quickly as possible. I think they all too easily forget the vows, "for better or for worse." I think this stems from a variety of things...not dating long enough (and yes, I think that's need to get out of the lovey dovey stage before you even consider marriage), bad communication, anger issues. But aren't these issues you could consider working out...or are we just all so stubborn we want ideal circumstances??

I will say, I'm not married...yet (only 215 days though!!!!!!), but I know that I'm going to strive my hardest to make our marriage good and I want to learn to love Nathan more every day. I know it's not always going to be sunshine and roses and I'm not going to love him to pieces every day. I know we're going to have our rough days, but I want the amazing days to outweigh the bad. I want to make our marriage work instead of giving up when things are less than ideal.

Am I naive in thinking this?? I don't think so...if so, what's the point in getting married??

So lay it on me, what are some crucial pieces of advice to make a marriage work??

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Colors & Theme

As women, we tend to have our whole wedding planned out by the age of 10. That was definitely the case for me. I've always known I wanted to have a semi-big wedding surrounded by family with lots of attention to details, and not some plain jane wedding (which is fine, if that's what you want...but that's just not me).

I thought I had it all planned out...then Nathan proposed, and my whole theme and direction changed. 

I've always wanted a Fall wedding, first off - the fabulous weather and scenery, secondly - my allergies are way to crazy to get married outside in the Spring. So since we were having a fall wedding, I thought it would be good to have Fall-ish colors, somewhere around the ranges of browns and burnt oranges. But deep down I just wasn't loving just wasn't me. So what's a girl to do when she needs wedding color help? Pinterest of course! 

So after spending a few weeks on Pinterest browsing colors, I decided on our colors...

...oh lord, I'm obsessed with our colors and they are so ME. I mean, I'm the girl who had hot pink bedroom walls in high school. Anything bright and bold is just me. I just can't get enough of pink and orange now!

Now as for theme...after browsing several magazines, I realized what I was wanting just wasn't in them. Them my mama brought home this magazine and it was seriously music to my ears.
It is full of my theme...which is pretty much Southern Chic...think lots of Mason Jars, antique glasses, and lots of DIY details. 

I would love to share more of my ideas, but I really want to keep it under wraps since I know a few people that are invited to the wedding reading the blog. I want everything to be a surprise since I'm putting so much work into the details of our big day.

Now, I know what you're thinking...where is Nathan fitting in to all this? To put it honestly, he doesn't care what our day looks long as I'm happy. He'd rather just go to the courthouse and be done with it all. He's just having the wedding to fulfill my fantasy :). He's a keeper!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Success in Wedding Planning

Two weeks to a month ago, I stressing bad about our wedding. I was so overwhelmed. I didn't have any idea how I wanted our Save-the-Date's to look (because I had the bright idea to design my own), I didn't have our guest list set in stone, I hadn't even began start the address list, and our DIY details were just a thought.

Then Nathan had a coming to Jesus moment with me. He pretty much told me to get over it and get to work...and that he'd help. 

We got a lot accomplished that night. We put the finishing touches on our guest list and planned the rehearsal dinner.

And by some grace of God that conversation got my butt in gear. Since then I designed my Save-the-Date's...ordered them...and they've been delivered! I've also got our guest list pretty much finished except for stragglers, got the addresses in a spreadsheet, asked my preacher to marry us (big sigh of relief here!), and went on a shopping trip to start some of my DIY projects. 

Now let's all hope I keep this motivation up for the next six months, because I plan on doing zero major planning the month before!

Any tips from ya'll for staying ahead of the game?!