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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions...or Lack Thereof

This year, after much deliberation, I'm just saying NO to New Year's Resolutions. For the past three years my resolutions have never been completed, but instead have been a complete fail. Well this year, no more. This is not to say I don't have things I want to achieve this year, because I most certainly do. I just don't want the added pressure of a daunting list of resolutions - no siree.

So instead of a long list of resolutions, here are the things I actually want to do throughout the year.

This year I want to grow closer to God. I want to pray more, finish reading the Bible cover to cover, and spend more of my time learning and studying the word. I want to participate in blog Bible studies and write in my prayer journal.

This year, instead of focusing on the things I hate about my body, I want to learn to love my body and treat it better. Instead of focusing on simply losing weight I want to learn to workout more and enjoy it. I also need to focus more on upper body toning seeing as my wedding dress fits like a glove and I don't need to lose weight. :)

In 2013, I want to continue my reading challenge and read 50 books throughout the year. I've kept my reading goal for the past 3 years. Hopefully I can keep up the reading habit for 2013, but honestly, I don't see that as a problem!

Lastly, this year I'd like to grow my little side hobby of photography. I've always loved pictures, scrapbooking, and photography. So why not take my little hobbies and make them into a side business? I've already had a few sessions and a couple of weddings this year, but I'd really like to expand in 2013. Who knows what the future holds?

And oh yes...I need to fit planning a wedding in there!

Happy New Year!