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Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Reading List

2012 was a big reading year for me. For the past 3 years I've made a book reading goal and, thankfully, I've surpassed that goal each year! For 2010 it was easy peasy with 12 books, 2011 was a bit more challenging with 36 books, and I made 2012 an even loftier goal with 50 books. At some points during the year I was afraid I wasn't going to live up to the challenge...and I even had Nate at one point to tell me to quit because he said I was reading just to get to my goal - but I pushed through and have finished out the year with reading 51 books! I'm still debating on what I should challenge myself with next, especially with planning a wedding and hoping to grow my photography business - I'm thinking I'll just stick with 50 again, what do ya'll think?!

First off, I'm going to list my top 5 books I read this year and then I'll list out what all I read this year :).

Top 5
(the whole series)


And just in case you wanted to know what else I read!
 I also have lists for books I read in 2011 and 2010.

Did you have a big reading year as well?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

Can you honestly believe that Christmas has already come and gone?! Holy cow - I swear this year has flown by like none other before it!

This year Christmas went by in a blur - but I did get to spend some quality time with family, and most importantly, eat (too much). Here's a little recap of the festivities from the past few days.

I'm especially proud of the tree this year. I think I've finally mastered the art of fluffing (and no it's not crooked, it's just the angle of the shot). Also can we note how proud I am that my photography skills are increasing?! The tree shot is totally unedited and I'm one proud mama!  

As you can tell, Santa was extra good to me this year - I got my punch bowl and mixer (in mint, exactly like I requested...squeeee!). Do you think maybe Santa is a little sad that this was my last Christmas living at home?! I think so.

On another note, can you see the total unimpressed face Hannah has going on in the middle photo?! She's like, "woohoo, a punch bowl..." Haha.
Christmas morning at my nana's is an annual tradition. We stuff ourselves with a huge breakfast and then sit around and watch each other open gifts. Hannah got her beloved Furby, Holly got her long awaited Pred's jersey, and there's my lovely Nana :). Can you tell who the jokester of the family is?! My Bubba never fails to put a smile on my face!

Of course, I can't forget Nathan. He spoiled me rotten with a Michael Kors watch, Ted, and lots of stocking stuffers...and we split the cost for a 50" TV for our living room. Merry Christmas to us indeed!

I have to say that it was a pretty great Christmas! I hope yours was as well!