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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In This Crazy Town - Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan Concert

I will be the first to admit that I'm not an avid concert goer. In fact I'm not really that big of a fan of concerts. But last October when it was announced that Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan were coming to Nashville I immediately knew I had to go. So I bought myself, my mama, and cousin a ticket and away we went.

Me and the cousin (who sadly looks older than me - she's only 18!) in front of Jason's semi-trailer.

All of us. It's slightly scary how much I look like my mother in this picture.

First set during Luke Bryan. Dude is already drunk and dancing, let it just be known, big boys shouldn't dance.

Who knew homeboy (Luke Bryan) could play piano (quite nicely in fact) AND sing Adele. The boy is talented, among other things ;).

Surpise guest appearance by Kelly Clarkson!!

A good time was had by all, but I'm pretty sure my cousin had more fun than my mama and me - but that's her cup of tea. When 10 PM rolled around I started yawning. I'm old at heart and it was way past my bedtime!

But I just have one request...
Luke Bryan, please come back to Nashville so I can see you wiggle and shake some more...pretty please?!?!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fangtastic 5K

A week and a half later I'm just now getting the recap of my latest running excursion, the Fangtastic 5K , up here on the ol' blog.

Oh well :).

The race was put on by the Nashville Predators Hockey team and went through downtown Nashville. If you've ever ventured to Nashville then you know one's extremely hilly. Dear God, so HILLY. The first mile was all hill, steep hill at that, and of course stupid me started off really strong and quickly lost all my momentum half-way through.

Another note, I shouldn't have ate the big breakfast beforehand...even if it was 3 hours before. Horrible, HORRIBLE mistake. I thought it all was coming up during some points, especially nearing the end.

But it wasn't all bad - I only walked 2 times for about 30 seconds each. During which both times I thought I was going to lose my cookies. Being nauseous + running = no bueno. The last mile I gave it all I had, at that point I just wanted to be done.

My finish time was 36:12 and I'm extremely proud of that. I beat my last 5K time which was 41:00 minutes to the "T". I now have a new time to beat!

Here we are beforehand. I might add that my 52-year-old uncle completed the race in 40 minutes. So proud of him!

At the starting line waiting for Gnash to give us the go ahead. Those boys up front flippin' sprinted the whole race. The winner had a time of 15 minutes and was running 4:59 miles. That's just insane to me.

Also, it was obvious that certain people had NO clue how to corral themselves. I about ran over so many walkers it wasn't even funny. 

Almost there! I slowed down so my aunt could snap the picture. In hindsight that was stupid of me. 

After the race we were soaked. My shoes sloshed with every step I took. It was disgusting but it was actually nice running in the rain. I'll take that over cold temps + snow in February. Other than the rain it was a really good day to run.

Now off to the next one which is planned for April!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nashville Weekend Recap

Oh how lovely mine and Nate's Nashville weekend was...I really didn't want to come home.

Before going all the way up to Nashville we decided to stop the next town over to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Chuy's. Ohhhh how delicious it was - if only the closest one wasn't an hour away! After stuffing my belly full we loaded up the GPS and headed on our way.

The next stop was our fabulous hotel, The Courtyard Marriott Downtown. Seriously this place was amazing, we had a nice big room and it was semi-quiet until Printer's Alley and 2nd Avenue really got going between midnight and 4 AM, but I was so tired I really had no complaints.

(I told Nate to get out of the picture, he did not...therefore he made his way on to the blog)

Saturday morning we woke up around 7ish so that I could eat something and get ready for my 5K that started at the Bridgestone Arena. We found a really cute breakfast place called Puckett's Grocery just up the block from the hotel...
They had quite a good breakfast, but I totally shouldn't have ate since it really messed with me while running, but that's a story for tomorrow when I recap my 5K :).

After breakfast we made our way (in the pouring rain) to the arena to pick up my packet and wait on my family who was running with me.

(I look HORRIBLE, my ensemble was hideous but I really didn't care. It was raining!)
2 hours later, soaked and all, we trekked our way back to the hotel to shower and relax before dinner that night. Nate napped and I read The Hunger Games (OMG - one of the best books I've read in a long time!).

For dinner we ventured to Maggiano's and I found a new favorite restaurant. Everything was so delicious and the portion's were huge! We will definitely be going back!

Sunday we got up early again and ate at our favorite breakfast place, The Pancake Pantry (if you're ever in Nashville it's a must!) and then mosied our way back home.

I love our trips together, not for the places we go or the things we do, but just because we're together :). I love our "us" time.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Spontaneous Weekend

Let it be known that I'm not a spontaneous trip taker. I like to know where I'm going way ahead of time so I can plan - where we go, what time we're gonna get there, where we're gonna eat. You know, the crazy usual that I obsess about.

But somehow I got a hair-brained idea this past Friday to plan a weekend trip to Nashville for this weekend. Actually, it didn't come out of nowhere. I'm running the Nashville Predators Fangtastic 5K this upcoming Saturday so why not just spend the whole weekend in Nash, right?

Anywho, I thought Nathan would never go for this. The downtown hotels were too expensive, parking was outrageous, and he's just not really a "city" guy. To my shock and awe he agreed, without even a second thought.

So this weekend we're staying at this hotel...

Downtown Nashville Courtyard Marriott - it's a converted 1920's Bank Building, the antique fanatic in me is loving this. Nathan, the anitque-phobe, is not...but that's a story for another day. It's a perfect place for my camera to come out and play!

and I also plan to sneak in a meal from here...

Ahhh, nothing better than an Italian meal. Seriously, fill a bowl full of pasta and you have the keys to my heart.

Since we're taking a little trip we're foregoing the Valentine's Day gifts this year. I'd rather have a trip anyways . Quality time spent with my babe is far more important than any old gift!

Yay for spontaneous weekends!