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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quit your moaning & groaning!

Have you ever been in Church and the lesson being preached just hits you like a ton of bricks? Yea, that was me this past Sunday. Our preacher used this verse to really get his point across.

"Do all things without grumbling and disputings"
Philippians 2:14

How many of us our guilty of this? Whining and complaining instead of getting to work and getting things done. When I heard this verse it fit my life in so many ways.

At Home
I'm the biggest clean freak there is, but when it comes down to the actual cleaning - I HATE it. Most of the time I'd rather pull my own teeth out than clean, but there I am each and every my heart out. However, even though I'm cleaning...I'm moaning and groaning the entire time wishing I was done. Instead of complaining the entire time I need to realize how thankful I am that I have a house to clean...and that I'm not living on the street.

At Work
I have my own flow at work and most of my job is repetitive, same thing week after week. I get in my zone and then when someone else comes in and wants something different, I get upset. 99% of the time, I'm super busy...and then when others want something different, it just really bursts my bubble. What I need to do is calm down and realize that I'm lucky to have a job in this economy and that I need to work harder, instead of getting upset. The time spent venting to my coworkers could be spent on actually getting the job done.

Oh how many times I have laid around and thought to myself, "I really need to work out." Most of the time I spent complaining could be spent running or strength training...and I could have a workout done in the time I was griping. If I had only used the time I spent trying to get out of working out, actually working out, I would have a nice workout in. I'm going to make a continuous effort to not talk myself out of working out, but instead working out. This is going to be a real issue for me. I loathe working out. Is there a magical solution to enjoy working out?!

I'm a complete work in progress with the whining and complaining aspect of my life. All we can do is try to do better, right?!


Katie said...

Oh honey, I know these feelings all too well! I'm not only guilty of grumbling, but resentment too. When I clean house, I grumble about having to do it, and resent my husband for not offering to help. I usually don't ask for help, I just expect him to know he should help me. I shouldn't get mad that he doesn't read my mind. I need to work on this pretty badly, as you can see!

Stephen said...

All very true but ... you can't help nature. I try and remind myself what the Dominicans say: Laborare est Ora: To work is to pray.

And, after thinking about the somewhat unforgiving discipline of St Paul, it helps to remind yourself that our Lord Himself was still a carpenter: I can imagine even He sometimes cursed a little at timbers that split, planes that blunted and rasps that were dull!

Amber said...

I am the worst at this! Especially the fitness one, in the time I've moaned and groaned about how I hate the way I look - I could've busted out a workout!

Amanda said...

Have you read "Complaint Free World"? If not, I definitely think you would enjoy it. It helps put things in perspective and motivates the grumbling to stop. Maybe I'll re-read it this weekend.

Vanessa said...

Every person on the face of this earth is guilty of this. Especially me. I complain all the time that I don't want to clean or work out or -insert a whole bunch of other things here- when I should just shut up and get it over with. I love your sentence about being happy to have a home to clean. It is so true!