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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fangtastic 5K

A week and a half later I'm just now getting the recap of my latest running excursion, the Fangtastic 5K , up here on the ol' blog.

Oh well :).

The race was put on by the Nashville Predators Hockey team and went through downtown Nashville. If you've ever ventured to Nashville then you know one's extremely hilly. Dear God, so HILLY. The first mile was all hill, steep hill at that, and of course stupid me started off really strong and quickly lost all my momentum half-way through.

Another note, I shouldn't have ate the big breakfast beforehand...even if it was 3 hours before. Horrible, HORRIBLE mistake. I thought it all was coming up during some points, especially nearing the end.

But it wasn't all bad - I only walked 2 times for about 30 seconds each. During which both times I thought I was going to lose my cookies. Being nauseous + running = no bueno. The last mile I gave it all I had, at that point I just wanted to be done.

My finish time was 36:12 and I'm extremely proud of that. I beat my last 5K time which was 41:00 minutes to the "T". I now have a new time to beat!

Here we are beforehand. I might add that my 52-year-old uncle completed the race in 40 minutes. So proud of him!

At the starting line waiting for Gnash to give us the go ahead. Those boys up front flippin' sprinted the whole race. The winner had a time of 15 minutes and was running 4:59 miles. That's just insane to me.

Also, it was obvious that certain people had NO clue how to corral themselves. I about ran over so many walkers it wasn't even funny. 

Almost there! I slowed down so my aunt could snap the picture. In hindsight that was stupid of me. 

After the race we were soaked. My shoes sloshed with every step I took. It was disgusting but it was actually nice running in the rain. I'll take that over cold temps + snow in February. Other than the rain it was a really good day to run.

Now off to the next one which is planned for April!


Leslie said...

I don't get people who run a 5K in less than 5 minutes. absolutely insane.. and not natural. ;) Congratulations on improving your time!

Rebekah said...

You did awesome!

E said...

Congrats! Way to improve your time! That's the best, I think, when you can see progress from race to race. I'm about to run a 8.15mile run on Monday & then (silly me) decided to register for a half in the middle of March... I might have been too ambitious with that decision. Keep up the awesome work and look forward to seeing your progress!

Savanah said...

congrats on your 5k! I wish I had that much motivation!

Christa said...

Congrats! You did awesome!