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Monday, November 7, 2011

Workout clothes woes...

This past Friday, Nate and I had some time to kill before our dinner reservations. So being the genius I am, I decided I needed new running clothes for the Turkey Trot I'm running on Thanksgiving. This is when the madness ensued.

When did freakin' workout clothes get so expensive?!?! 

We started off at a new sports gear store in C'Ville. I was sorely disappointed. They were so overpriced on everything. Just to prove it, I got a running shirt almost identical to the one there right across the street for almost $20 less, it was ridiculous. I won't be going back.

So then I hauled my butt to Old Navy. Seriously, I shouldn't be allowed in that store. I find too much that I want. Lucky me found a pair of compression pants that I liked, and after Nathan told me to quit being whiney and that I in fact wouldn't look stupid in them, I bought them. 
They are very similar to this pair, not exactly, but you get the drift...and I do in fact love them. Somehow Nathan is always right.

THEN I got the bright idea that I need a shirt and maybe a pair of shorts. Why? Why do I get such thoughts?! We drove across the street to Hibbett's and found an Under Armour shirt (that I'm pretty sure I want in every color) and a pair of Tempo shorts. 

I must say I'm highly satisfied with my purchases. However, I'm not satisfied with the freakin price tag. The compression pants, shorts, and long-sleeved running shirt were around $100 all together. Really?! I about choked up a lung. Am I the only one who finds this ridiculous? I don't pay that for most outfits. 

Oh the things that agitate me...


Rebekah said...

I hear you on this!! I only get my workout clothes from Old Navy, Target or TJ Maxx. I refuse to spend a lot of money of them!

Ashleigh said...

wow! that is a lot! I am an Old Navy addict too... like bad... and Target. I bet you could find something just as good at Target that wouldn't be so much! Way to go for doing the Turkey Trot- I am too effin' lazy :-P

Lana said...

Workout clothes are super exspensive! I love Under Armour too!

Brittany @ Boots and Pearls said...

I COMPLETELY agree!!! I can sometimes find stuff at TJ Maxx etc. And Target for sports bra and such. But Dick's and all, they are WWAAYY overpriced. Thankfully, there is a Nike Outlet in Memphis so I always hit it up when we go home. I can get my tempos and dry fit shirts for a steal! :)