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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Road Trip - Day 1

Hello ladies!! I'm here in New Mexico (blogging on vacation, tsk tsk!) and I'm far, far away from my homeland of Tennessee. I'm going to dedicate each day of my journey to one blog post, so by the end of it you may get tired of hearing about it...but it's my blog and my life :).

Day 1
We left out early to make it to Arkansas at a reasonable hour. To be honest before this trip I had never been west of Nashville (can we say sheltered?!). So I got a little bit of West TN in here too and I got to see Memphis and the Mighty Mississippi. Let's just let the pictures do the talking, shall we?

I learned a few things on a day one of my trip...
- I had no clue west TN had Armadillo's. What flippin' planet have I been living on?!
- Eastern, Southern Arkansas has to be the most boring state I've ever ridden through in my life. It's just rice pattie after rice pattie. I thought it was never going to end.

Up next - Oklahoma & Texas!


Heather said...

Texas better get an awesome post. Just sayin'. ;)

Suze said...

wow girl, i learned alot through this first post about tennessee and arkansas ! armadillos wow! so glad you are documenting this and i can learn about parts of USA i've never been to :)