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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Revisited

Since 2011 is upon us with full force now, I decided I'd take a look back on some of the memorable moments I had in 2010.

In January we had our first big snow storm of the year, where I proceeded to get stranded in town because every idiot was out on the road!

February held a very momentous occasion for Nathan, his car made it into a magazine! For some, this sounds stupid, but for this gear-head it was like Christmas Day! He still has the picture as his background on his computer.

March held my last Spring Break, ever. Me and friend headed up to Pigeon Forge, TN for a week for some needed R&R!

In April my daddy was in a car wreck where he was hit by a drunk driver on his way to work, which was scary, but he wasn't injured...thank goodness! Nate & I also celebrated our 4 year anniversary in April!

May was a big month for me, I graduated college! It was truly a moment I will never, ever forget! I also started my first full-time job this month...where I'm currently still at & loving!

My sweet baby Brody celebrated his 3rd Birthday in June, and Nate & I cancelled our much anticipated trip to Savannah, Georgia. Partially because of our constant fighting and he got pneumonia (being this sick in the summer was no fun for him).

In July I celebrated my 22nd Birthday with a trip to the Pancake Pantry in Nashville. Little does Nathan know, but that might just become a yearly tradition. This was also a very sad month for me, my beloved puppy dog, Brody, went to doggie heaven on the 15th. I will forever miss him.

August held my first camping trip in a long time. Lots of lake time, inner-tubing, and relaxation ensued!

In September, the family and my bestfriend from College spent Labor Day weekend in Pigeon Forge at the Wilderness Water Park. Definitely a fun trip, but will never go back on a Holiday weekend!

October held Mine and Nate's annual trip to Bowling Green, Kentucky for some Mustang drag-racing at the NMRA's. I look forward to this trip every year. I also went camping again this month at Dale Hollow! Hopefully I've got Nathan talked into buying a camper so this can become a regular thing.

In November, Hannah had basketball game after basketball game...atleast 3 games a week. Needless to say, we were all exhausted! Mama had her first experience with a kidney stone, which was an experience for us all. Hannah also celebrated her 9th Birthday!

December was spent with lots of family time and all around Christmas stuff. We had our first December snow in a long time plus a white Christmas! My sweet Cousin also celebrated her 17th Birthday. We also had another big occasion this month, on New Year's Eve my Papa & Nana celebrated 50 years of marriage!

Ya'll, I really didn't think I had anything exciting happen in 2010, but now that I've written this post I can see that I really did! This year had it's trials and tribulations, but what year doesn't? Let's make 2011 a great one!

I hope you all rang in the New Year safely! I spent my eve with my parents, grandparents, and Nathan playing games of Dominoes. Just some all-around good family time.

Happy New Year!


Rebekah said...

You did have a great year! I always think nothing really happened in my year, until I take the time to really think about it like this! Happy New Year to you!

Lana said...

You did have a busy year! Happy New Year!

Jordan said...

Compared to what my post would have been, you definitely had a MUCH better year than I did! LOL Happy New Year, Heather! :-)

Brady & Rebekah said...

Hi, I'm a new follower! Congratulations on graduating from college! Happy New Year!

Jamie said...

You did have an exciting year! Hope 2011 is just as great!

Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year! I hope you have an awesome 2011! :-)

Gwen said...

What a fabulous year!!! Best wishes for 2011 my friend! XOXO