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Monday, May 24, 2010

Graduation Recap

*Note - I had this post all written out and ready to post and then for some reason blogger deleted everything in the about being ticked off, but anyways...

As most of you already know, I graduated two weeks ago from college. I now am now an alumni of Tennessee Technological University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Finance. It feels so weird to say that I'm now an alumni, it just doesn't feel real. These past four years flew by at lightning speed. I wish I would've took it all in a little more than I did, but I must say I'm glad to be out.

Graduation was at 10 A.M. and all graduates had to be there at 8:45, and they forewarned us that our family had better get there at 8:00 in order to find an up-close seat. So me, being my self, ordered my family to be there at 8. Talk about being tired....

The 8 A.M. pictures...can you tell that I'm tired?

Me and my best friend, K. Isn't she pretty? Look how's so unfair.

About half of the graduates. 1,024 individuals graduated that day. My name was called about 25 minutes into the ceremony. After that, I was bored out of my mind. The white-haired man is my papa, I definately want his white hair when I'm older...I think it's so pretty, hehe.

After graduation with my cousin, H.

Me and my sister, Hannah. If you haven't noticed, all my grandparents grandchildren have "H" names. Heather, H-----, Hannah, and another H. My nana and papa both get tongue-tied.

My loving nana and papa. I don't think I could have accomplished this without their love and encouragement. They keep me going most of the time. I'm the first one out of their family to graduate college.

Me with my parents & Hannah-Banana. My daddy looks bald, he really isn't though, ha.

I hope I didn't bore you with the picture overload, but I'm very proud of myself :).
My diploma came in Thursday, now it's time to get that puppy framed!