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Saturday, July 17, 2010

"My Favorite Dog...

Honestly, I don't know how to start this post and I'm going to give you a forewarning that it is long and has picture overload, but for good reason.

On Thursday, my sweet, sweet baby Brody passed from this earth.
It still doesn't feel real...I can hear in my head his little "click, click, click" coming down the hall, his whining to get in the bed or sit in my lap, his scratching at the door, him coming in my room after work to lay in the sun.

I feel as though I've lost a part of my family...because he was. The house is just so empty without him and if you hadn't known a dog lived here before, you definitely wouldn't know now. My mama had everything of his picked up and put away before I got home from work on Thursday. I don't think she could handle seeing his things after what happened.

Around Thursday around lunch, my mama and Hannah went out to practice softball since Hannah had a ballgame later that night. Mama let Brody out with them since he loved being outside. Hannah was hitting and when she hit the ball it hit Brody on the head, knocking him unconscious instantly. Mama proceeded to rush him to the vet, because she knew he wouldn't live, to put him down. He died in her arms before they got there. My mama cried the entire day Thursday and cried herself to sleep that night. I would give anything for her to have not gone through that...I mean, Brody died in her arms. Hannah feels such guilt, for which she shouldn't, because it was a freak accident. She couldn't help it. I don't want her to feel this guilt.

I wasn't going to come home Thursday since Hannah had a game later. I was just going to hang around town with Nathan til it was time for the game. Around 10:30 Nathan called me at work and said that he had to go to his dads house and that I just needed to go on home since he would have to be up there before I got off work and all. He knew the entire time that Brody was gone and was telling me all that at my mama's request. She wanted to be the one who told me. When I got home, Mama was downstairs and I knew she'd been crying. She looked at me and said, "I've got something to tell you." I didn't know what had been going on, so I kept asking, "What." She pointed to where Brody's crate had been and it was gone. I knew instantly what had happened. I broke down. I had just petted him bye before I left for work that morning, how could he be gone? He hadn't been buried yet...he was still in the house, I wanted to go see him one last time before he was buried, but I couldn't do it. I wanted to keep my last memory of him while he was still himself.

This post is a memoriam to him, he was after all a part of my family...and I miss him dearly. I didn't get to spend half of the time I wanted to with him, but everything happens for a reason and it was his time to go...and after all, "All Dogs go to Heaven." So to Brody, Mama loves you very much and misses you.
A week or two after I got him...look at those black tips in his hair. He was a cutie.

Brody and his beloved penguin, he "loved" that thing if you catch my drift.

After he got groomed one summer...he loved to perch up on the back door's window sill and look outside.

Rotten as ever...I don't think he ever realized he was a dog.

My favorite picture of him, ever. He just looked so content.

The following pictures are the last pictures ever taken of him...these were made a week or two before his passing.
Hannah took this picture. If you can't tell she was all up in his personal's still a cute picture though.

4th of July. He hated fireworks, he jumped every time one went off.

The morning of my birthday. Before Nate & I left for Pancake Pantry I snapped this picture because he was literally smooshed in between my mama and Hannah. That was his favorite place to sleep.

This is the last picture of him I ever took. It was taken on Monday afternoon in my room where the sun was shining in. He's buried in this shirt, but I kept his collar.

I know some of you may be thinking I'm crazy because of this long post about my dog. I'm not crazy...I miss him.