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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Be Intentional

Intentional is my word for 2014. Over the past three months of marriage I realize how very unintentional I am. I'll browse the internet for longer than I should, I Facebook stalk for an hour, I watch an additional TV show a night, I push laundry (and ironing! *I shudder even thinking about it*) off because I don't like doing it, I don't mop the floor because it's my most hated chore ever, I don't exercise because I'm lazy. All of these things I do because I can waste time like no one's business. Then I blame it on "being busy" when in reality I'm just being lazy.

This year I plan on being more intentional not only with my personal life but with my professional life as well. I put lots of projects on the back burner at work because it's something I don't enjoy doing. This year I'm going to try to improve on that and just suck it up and get it done. Oh yeah, and this year I plan on figuring out what I want to do with my work life. 

The past few days I've already put my word for the year in use and it's honestly amazing how much more time you have when you're not doing something frivolous with your time. I've started picking up the living room each night before going to bed (and the kitchen as well!), I'll put laundry way on my way upstairs instead of making a special trip, I'll actually do laundry between commercial breaks. It's amazing what you can get done if you just do it and not prolong it!

Do you have a word you want to live by in 2014?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, Better Heather

Happy New Year ya'll! I haven't been around these parts since the first week of November, and to be honest I've needed this sporadic blogging that's been happening for the past half year. It was just too chaotic trying to plan a wedding, not getting fired (because I had a major case of wedding brain), packing up my room at my parent's, and settling into my new home and the first few months of married life (which I might add has been wonderful). But now that I'm finally settling into a new routine with my life, I feel the urge to blog again. I also have some serious back-posting to do. I've not shared a lot of things that happened during July-December of 2013 and I want it on here to look back on. So if looking at a post that is around 3 to 6 months late annoys you, I'm sorry (not really, it's my blog and I'll do what I want).

Last year around this time, I didn't write a resolutions post but I did post some of the things I wanted to accomplish in 2013. Did I accomplish a lot of these goals? No, not really. Did that discourage me from compiling a list of 2014 resolutions? Absolutely not.


In 2014 I want to...

1. Study the Bible on a regular basis. I know, I know this on my list every year but it's something I need to strive to do. I'm always letting my Bible study time slip by the wayside because of some excuse. I'm too busy, I'm too tired, I don't feel like I have enough time. I need to push those excuses to the wayside. 

2. Complete my first half-marathon and run the entire time. Stay dedicated to working out. We're talking about the girl who can barely run a 5K without passing out. I'm going to have to be dedicated to my gym time and training schedule...and watching what I eat. I can workout til the cows come home, but eating well? Bahaha. I can't out train my horrible diet so my eating habits are going to change too, not only what I eat but how much I eat. Sadly, I'm the heaviest I've ever been and my "fat" pants are now becoming my "tight" pants. Darn you newlywed happy weight!! I've also registered for three races already this year, a 5K, 15K, and the half marathon. I'm one of those people who has to have a goal, if not, I lose motivation.

3. Memorize one Bible verse a week. That's 52 verses in a year and it's totally doable. I need to get rid of the "I'll never be able to memorize anything" mindset. You'll never accomplish anything by being negative!

4. Stay on top of my household chores. I'm notorious for being lazy during the week. I'll wait to the absolute last minute to unload the dishwasher, doing/putting away laundry, and picking up around the house. I'm going to try to do some small thing each night instead of bombarding myself with 5,000 things to do on Saturday's.

I also have a "word" for how I want to live in 2014, but that's a post for tomorrow :).

What are your resolutions for 2014?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Honeymoon - Day 2: Epcot

At the beginning of the year I bought The 2013 Walt Disney World Unofficial Guide and it had a plethora of information on what to see and what to do while at Disney. It also had what days to visit each park and it suggested that on the first day you visit Epcot. So visit Epcot we did.

The morning started off by being lied to by our bus driver. The shuttle was suppose to go to Magic Kingdom and Epcot, but the driver said that he was only going to Magic Kingdom and that another bus would be right behind him to go to Epcot. Well, that didn't happen and we had to wait an hour for another shuttle. I about had a moment, but decided it was our honeymoon and there was no reason to get in a tizzy about it.

We started out the day in Future World - we first went to the Test Track, but as we got towards the front of the line it broke down (which we found out later, it breaks down a lot during the day).

This was the first vehicle we made on the Test Track. After we were ushered out of the queue (and handed fast passes to ride at any point throughout the day, SCORE!), we rode the Universe of Energy and then walked over to Soarin' to pick up fast passes for later. We then rode The Seas with Nemo and Friends and then decided to eat lunch (holy cow...Disney food is expensive) and walked around World Showcase.

Our favorite part of World Showcase? The boat rides! Call us cheesy but we found them hysterical, every time we found another one we'd look at each other and ask, "wanna go for a little boat ride?" I'm pretty sure we road every type of slow boat ride at Disney! We also had some pretty delicious gelato in Italy - we wish we would've just snacked through World Showcase instead of eating a meal in Mexico.

After going through World Showcase we stopped at the Test Track to see if it had opened back up - luckily for us it had so we rode it (and made another vehicle, but this time slightly more tacky). We also thought it was going to break down on us again - it had real issues up until we got on it.

We then made our way over to Soarin, where I had to psych Nathan up to ride it. He's not a real big ride person, so he got really nervous before we got on it. He ended up loving it (like I knew he would). We ended our rides with Spaceship Earth where I got this gem of a picture.

I die. Only Nathan.

We ended the day with a stop at the gift shop to buy myself an ornament and a coffee mug. Then we found the Starbucks, so we got a drink and waited on the Shuttle back to the condo.

I liked Epcot, but it definitely wasn't my favorite park. I really liked the laid back feel of Epcot though, I didn't feel rushed! As for rides, definitely ride the Test Track & Soarin' - they were the best at Epcot!

The next day we went to Animal Kingdom, where I seriously thought Nathan might divorce me after I made him get on a certain ride.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Honeymoon - Day 1: And we drove...

I have finally gotten the time to recap our honeymoon, you know - about 3 weeks later than I would've liked. We brainstormed ideas about where we wanted to take our honeymoon long before we were even engaged. We first marked off anything with a beach since Nathan isn't a fan, so we came up with two options Vegas or Disney. When I went to Vegas on the two-week road trip with my grandparents I quickly marked Vegas off the list, I just didn't find it somewhere where I'd like to take our honeymoon. So Disney it was.

Luckily my grandparents have timeshares in the actual Disney property, so we got lucky and didn't have to worry about getting a room - they handled that for us. No figuring out what Disney resort we wanted to stay at for this girl!

The night of our wedding we spent the night at our house. It was just simpler than driving a few hours and staying at a hotel. Unluckily for us, we slept later than we wanted (we were exhausted, and I had a mini-meltdown when I picked up my clothes at my parent's house), so we got on the road about 7:30 AM - which meant we had a long day of driving ahead of us.

First off, Atlanta (which has TOO many lanes of traffic). We decided to be brazen and go right through the city instead of taking the bypass. We did hit some traffic but it was still quicker than the bypass.

Once we got through Atlanta it was the part of the trip I most dreaded, southern Georgia. It is boring...and flat...and full of dirty truck stops. Get me through there quick! Northern Florida isn't much better and considering I didn't read during most of this trip, the ride felt like it took forever.

But then I saw this...
 and that made everything better!

Who can't be happy at Disney?! It's the happiest place on the planet!

Even after a long day of driving we had to drag all our luggage to our room and do the dreaded grocery shopping trip for the week. Plus Nathan was about to have a "Snicker's moment" and we needed to get some food in him stat. After that, we crawled into bed and got ready for a week at Disney!

First off, Epcot.

Monday, October 28, 2013

One Month Married

It feels like ages since I've looked at this blank page to fill my thoughts. There has been so many times that I've wanted to sit down and write but just haven't had the time. Being an OCD clean freak doesn't do much for your blogging, since - you know - you can't rest until your house is 100% up to your standards (which, finally happened this week!). I finally feel like my life is getting back to a routine and if you know me, I thrive on routine.

Today marks one month of being married. I feel like ever since we said "I do" life hasn't slowed down. Didn't we just come back from our honeymoon?! But since it has in fact been a month since that glorious day in September, I'd thought I'd share some observations I have on marriage up until this point (because you know, I'm an old married woman now ;) ).

Some say that marriage has showed them how selfish they are, for me - it's the exact opposite. I'd much rather that I do all the laundry, cleaning, and cooking. I feel like that is my job being a wife. I like making sure he is taken care of every day. I would feel guilty if he did that stuff for me. Although I did come home one day this week and every stitch of clothing was washed and dried - now that was nice :)!

Moving out of my parent's house wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I have always lived with my parents. I've never once moved away. I will not deny that I shed many, many tears...especially when I packed up my clothes and when my furniture got loaded onto a trailer to bring to our house. It hurt. It hurt leaving all that I'd know for 25 years. It felt weird that first morning I went back to work and I wasn't getting ready with my mama. I'm a very sentimental person and the thought of leaving slightly terrified me. However, time heals all wounds and I can say that I dealt with moving out better than I thought I would. I still have my sad moments, but I thoroughly enjoy having my own home. I love my parents dearly...but it was time to get away from the nest.

Sleeping with another person is hard. This has probably been the most challenging thing for me. I'm used to having a big, nice cozy bed for myself. Now I sleep with a man who snores (he says I do too, I don't believe him) and is a personal space heater (I wake up most nights sweating like I just got out of the gym). But you know what? I wouldn't trade it for the comfort it gives me to know he's there and for all those mornings he pulls me close to snuggle. It's just one of the perks of being married - no matter how bad you sleep :).

We've argued, twice. Most people say that things change when you get married. I know I've only been married a month, but I disagree. Nathan and I used to argue, a lot. Now that we're hitched, we don't. We've since agreed that the reason we argued is because we didn't see enough of each other. Honestly, we've never gotten along better and I think a major contributing factor to that is that we were together a long time before we got married. We knew what we were getting into.

One month down and many, many more to go! I love you Nathan - I couldn't imagine life without you!

Monday, September 30, 2013

We're Hitched!

Saturday was nothing short of a fairytale. All the hard work I've put in for over a year paid off and I had the wedding of my dreams (I know I should say our dreams here, but he could've cared less...he'd of been much happier just going to the courthouse). After I came back from getting my hair and makeup done I walked into our reception tent and just kept repeating, "this is exactly what I imagined in my mind." Then seeing everyone at our ceremony and was just magical.

I can't wait to share all the photos with you all, however long that may be! Now we're at Disney, basking in newlywed bliss!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's Wedding Week!

Guess what? I get married in 4 days. Four Days. Less than a week. This Saturday.

I can't believe in 4 mere days my status in life changes. I'll no longer be "the girlfriend" or "the fiance", I become "the wife." What excitement and terror that term brings me. God give me patience, as I know that I'll need lots of it during our lifetime together. I'm an extremely selfish person, so that trait of mine has got to hit the road. Selfishness in a marriage is a recipe for disaster!

But before I got into a lengthy post on what I think it takes to be a wife, I'm going to talk about the wedding!

Everything is pretty much finished. Nothing major, thank pretty much a few loose ends need to be completed. But does that mean I'm not stressing?! Ha! Think again. The fact that my face looks like a teenage boy's (and I never break out, ever) is a clear indication that I'm not in my normal "sorts." Let's hope I can get in a few workouts to ease this anxiety and that I get sleep and some relaxation. I need it. Desperately.

But I'm also going to soak up every minute of this week. Every part of putting together this day that I've worked diligently on for a year. Every moment with my parents. Every moment with my family. Every moment with Nathan before we're married. Just soaking up each and every moment...because as of Saturday my life changes.

And y'all, blog friends are the best friends. To my dearest Jordan and Katie, thank you so much for sweet wedding week wishes! You two made my day yesterday!